This is similar to a question that has already been asked. However, I am looking for a Sed specific answer. I have text similar to the following:

Some sample text [with some extra text].foo

I need to grab just the text inside the brackets. My attempts thus far have been futile. I can parse the line with other tools but I can't seem to get Sed to parse it correctly.

  • If you have multiple bracketed expressions per line, and bracketed expressions that extend across several lines, then it seems that you could do this much easier with a character by character parser. This is going to be a fairly miserable exercise with sed. – Glenn May 25 '09 at 21:35

Something like this?

$ echo Some sample text [with some extra text].foo | sed -e 's/.*\[\([^]]*\)\].*/\1/g'
with some extra text

$ echo Some sample text [with some extra text].foo | sed -e 's/.*\[\([^]]*\)\].*/Your text was: "\1", okay?/g'
Your text was: "with some extra text", okay?
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    The key point in this answer is the use of single quotes around the sed expression - something that should have been stated in the answer. It is crucial; otherwise, the shell removes the backslashes and sed 'sees' expressions without them, and doesn't interpret it the way you'd like it to. – Jonathan Leffler May 25 '09 at 4:07

Here is an example the replaces the text inside brackets:

$ echo 'Some sample text [with some extra text].foo' | sed -e 's/\[\(with some extra text\)\]/<\1>/g'
Some sample text <with some extra text>.foo
echo "Some [sample inside] text [with some extra text].foo" | sed -n '/\[/{ s/\]/\n/g; s/.[^\n]*\[/:/g;s/\..*//;p}'
:sample inside:with some extra text

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