I have searched the Splint documentation for "fresh storage", and have found mention of it, but no formal definition. The other modifiers, like null or only, I understand and am putting to use. I'm just not sure what fresh storage is.

The situation is this:

void output_system_information(unsigned int frequency, unsigned int duration) { 

   unsigned int intervals = duration/frequency;                                  

   /* here I allocate some storage */                                                                              
   System * my_system = malloc(sizeof(System));                                  

   SystemInfo* current, * total;                                                 

   if (my_system == NULL) {                                                      
     fprintf(stderr, "%s\n", "Aborting: failed malloc in output_system_informatioin");

   /* and here I initialize is in that function */                                              
   total = tally_system_info(frequency, duration, my_system);                    
   current = my_system->get_system_info();                                       

   /* Here I've removed a ton of print-line statements so that you don't have to see them */

   /* then the members and the struct get freed in this here dtor */


This is a homework assignment, but this question doesn't have to do directly with the homework. This is a splint question.


The term fresh storage refers to a memory buffer which has been just allocated for your program.

The warning "Fresh storage not released" is just a special case of "Only storage not released", when the buffer is allocated by the same function which fails to release it.

  • How do you know that? Can you reference a passage? Its just that, I looked around in the Splint manual and didn't find such a definition. Maybe I just need to check again... – Ziggy Feb 3 '12 at 23:37
  • 1
    Here you can read about Unshared References. I think the example is quite straightforward and self-explanatory. Splint issues a "Fresh storage not released before return" because "Fresh storage was allocated" at this line: int *m = (int *)malloc (sizeof (int)); – Guillermo Calvo Feb 5 '12 at 16:08
  • Splint also defines a Transfer Error fresh-trans as: "Newly-allocated storage transferred to non-only reference (memory leak)". – Guillermo Calvo Feb 5 '12 at 16:19

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