I have jRuby on Rails application with some cucumber tests.

Problem is that cucumber features hangs after executing all steps until I press ctrl+c. Interesting that it only happens if all of the tests pass.

10 scenarios (10 passed)
116 steps (116 passed)
-> hangs here

I've tried adding global at_exit hook, it is being executed and than command freezes.

Here is my bundle list https://gist.github.com/37f2448055071bbbc636

My temporary solution is to add at_exit hook like this

at_exit do 
  exit! !($!.nil? || $!.is_a?(SystemExit) && $!.success?)

Some connections may be left opened, data not cleaned, etc. but it will at least exit with correct status code, which is used by CI server.

In our case, we realized that this lock-up happens when we created background processes that weren't quitting properly. We fixed this be replacing system() calls with spawn() ones, and killing any child processes in our at_exit hook.

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