I am trying to get code coverage on my CMake based project (which consists of several targets).

First I generate gcno files with:

lcov -b . -d . -o coverage.output --capture --initial

The *.gcno are generated in


Then I run my tests which generate *.gcna files in


When I now run lcov again:

lcov -b . -d . -o coverage.output --capture

I get the following error:

Scanning . for .gcda files ...
Found 23 data files in .
Processing Base.dir/DateTools.cpp.gcda
geninfo: ERROR: build_gcov/tests/CMakeFiles/Base.dir/DateTools.cpp.gcno: could not open file

When I manually move the *.gcno file to the directory where the *.gcda is generated it seems to work.

Thanks for your help!!!


I have figured it out how to use lcov with CMake and bundled everything in a cmake module.

  • Thanks, your way is easier, for gcovr. – tdihp Jan 15 '13 at 3:28

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