Suppose I have two events:

Public Sub Control1Updated() Handles control1.TextChanged
    control2.Text = SomeFunction(control1.Text)
End Sub

Public Sub Control2Updated() Handles control2.TextChanged
    control1.Text = SomeFunction(control2.Text)
End Sub

Basically the pairs of {control1.Text, control2.Text} and {control2.Text, control1.Text} should be the same. If control1.Text is changed to let's say "a" then control2.Text is ALWAYS "b". If control2.Text is changed to "b" then control1.Text is ALWAYS "a". How do I achieve this with events without going into an infinite loop? [the best I can think of is to make a check if the other control.Text is already the desired value]. Suppose the check is expensive, can anyone think of a better way to ensure sync?

  • Validated does not trigger when setting the Text from code. You don't need any pattern. – Henk Holterman Jan 30 '12 at 22:42
  • @Henk, thanks fixed it in the sample code above... – Denis Jan 30 '12 at 22:46

You can maintain a flag called something like alreadyHadling and set/unset it accordingly when handling an event. In the beginning of the event handler perform an early exit if the flag is set.

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