When I create a new proxy on the client, with a list of new child proxies, and persist the graph to the server, I only get back the root node. I have verified that the server is correctly saving the graph and returning the graph, but GWT fails to load these as proxies on the client.

I have the models:

class TripProxy {
   List<PatronProxy> getPatrons();
   void setPatrons(List<PatronProxy> patrons);

   // some other fields

class PatronProxy {
   void setName(String name);
   String getName();

My editor creates a new trip where one or more patrons can be added to the trip. The save method looks something like:

Trip save(Trip trip);

Which simply saves what was given and returns it back. Why does the returned trip not include the Patrons that were attached? I am specifying a proper with(...) statement with my call to save. I know this because when I later edit the trip (after refreshing the browser) I am able to see the patrons.


You say you're "specifying a proper with(...) statement" but can you show it?

Because the with() is only related to what's being returned from the server, your "I know this because ..." makes no sense: it only validates the fact that your objects have been saved, and the with() of your retrieval method is OK, not the with() of the save() method.

Your call to save() should look like:

ctx.save(tripProxy).with("patrons").to(new Receiver<TripProxy>() { ... });

(feel free to replace to() with fire() if you want to fire the context right there instead of later one)

  • My 'with' looks like: with("patrons", "origin", "destination"). Origin and destination are each AddressProxy's that are also newly created as well. These two properties are correctly returned from the server whereas the patrons property is not. My because was referring to when the trip proxy was later fetched from the server on edit; not the actual saving after editing.
    – Brad
    Feb 2 '12 at 0:05
  • OK, I better understand now. Could you show your server code for the Trip save(Trip trip) method? Do you batch other methods in your RequestContext? Feb 2 '12 at 10:28
  • No, I dont batch but I think I found it. I usually try to simplify my problem when asking questions on SO and it looks like I simplified this one too much. When I looked at the save method again, I found the problem. Completely my fault. Thanks for you help!
    – Brad
    Feb 3 '12 at 19:34

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