I am struggling with this piece of code for the last few hours now. Hopefully you can help me :) What I try to achieve:

  1. Find an element.
  2. Insert html after the element that follows the elment found in (1).

Here's my HTML:

<div class="paragraph" data-template="1" data-id="1"></div>
<div class="icons"></div>

I want to insert after the element with the "icons" class, so I try:


.. where $(data) is a HTML string

That fails. If I remove the next() function, it inserts before icons, but that is not what I want:


So finding the element works, but not skipping the element after that and then insert.

Cheers, Robert

  • What do you mean by "that fails"? Do you get a Javascript error? Does nothing happen? Do you get content inserted in the wrong place? Feb 1 '12 at 10:34

since you are looking for next , hopping the div.paragraph is closing like this

<div class="paragraph" data-template="1" data-id="1"> ..something.. </div>
<div class="icons">

if so correcting your code only


or if div.paragraph is parent of div.icons, means not closing like above do it as

  • Great, thanks! I edited my original post with the correct HTML. This was my first post here, so I was still figuring out how to edit.
    – rjjonker
    Feb 1 '12 at 10:51

Try this:

If the .paragraph element is the parent of .icons then next() won't work as that looks for sibling elements. You need to use find() to get the child element:

$('.paragraph[data-id="' + appendAfter + '"]').find('.icons').after(data);

I think what you want is:


You might need to consider what data is - is it html, or an element?


Is this what you mean?


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