I'm using a cross compiler. My code is:

class WindowsTimer{
    _frequency.QuadPart = 0ull;
  static LARGE_INTEGER _frequency;

I get the following error:

undefined reference to `WindowsTimer::_frequency'

I also tried to change it to

LARGE_INTEGER _frequency.QuadPart = 0ull;


static LARGE_INTEGER _frequency.QuadPart = 0ull;

but I'm still getting errors.

anyone knows why?


You need to define _frequency in the .cpp file.


LARGE_INTEGER WindowsTimer::_frequency;

Linker doesn't know where to allocate data for _frequency and you have to tell it manually. You can achieve this by simple adding this line: LARGE_INTEGER WindowsTimer::_frequency = 0; into one of your C++ sources.

More detailed explanation here


If there is a static variable declared inside the class then you should define it in the cpp file like this

LARGE_INTEGER WindowsTimer::_frequency = 0;

With C++17, you can declare your variable inline, no need to define it in a cpp file any more.

inline static LARGE_INTEGER _frequency;
  • This gives me an error error: 'foobar' declared as an 'inline' field – Pedro Henrique Jan 3 at 20:45
  • NVM, I've just updated my GCC through MinGW manager from 6.3 to 8.2 and it works fine. – Pedro Henrique Jan 24 at 16:19

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