I am iterating text field in struts. while performing validation the property of the text field is not getting idetified.

<logic:iterate id="tSMultiplier" name="tForm" property="tSMultiplierList" indexId="i" >
            <label for="tForm_savings_${tSMultiplier.desc}">${tSMultiplier.desc}:</label>
            <html:text name="tSMultiplier" property="savingsPct" indexed="true" styleId="tForm_Savings_${i}" size="6" ></html:text>
        % </td>

I need to validate property - savingsPct as integer. Here's validation.xml snippet

<field property="savingsPct" depends="integer">
                <arg position="0"  key="label.savingsPct"/>

I m getting following error

org.apache.commons.validator.util.ValidatorUtils getValueAsString Unknown property 'savingsPct' on class 'class com.tForm'

Any help is appreciated.


savingsPct should have a getter in the class com.tForm. Then the error will not come.


Since I m validating by iterating the list, in validation.xml added the attribute for <field> tag


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