I would like to write an Emacs major mode for a 4GL. Can someone show me a tutorial? As far as I googled I was able to find only this broken:

link http://two-wugs.net/emacs/mode-tutorial.html

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    What would be really nice would be to have a language mode generator from a syntax specification written in BNFC. Is there any work in this area? – Rob Stewart Aug 29 '14 at 16:35

Complete tutorial on EmacsWiki "Mode Tutorial"

An Emacs language mode creation tutorial


If you're lazy, one easy way is to extend generic-mode to know about your new language:


I do this a lot for config files for applications that I work with a lot to get decent syntax highlighting. Here's one I did for the asterisk PBX a long time ago as an example.


There is a blog series on writing a new python-mode in emacs. It's not a tutorial but it may point you in the right direction.


Yet another small tutorial called How to Write a Emacs Major Mode for Syntax Coloring by Xah Lee.

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