I'm creating a custom site theme for a client who wants the site in wordpress.

The menu area is being populated by the pages they make in WP via:

<?php  wp_nav_menu(); ?>

I want to keep the menu text all in caps. Ive tried the standard strtoupper like so

<?php  strtoupper(wp_nav_menu()); ?>

but nothing happens. Is there a way I should do this? Honestly im not sure if its possible since *wp_nav_menu* is a wordpress function.

I dont think its too professional for me to tell them "hey when your creating the page titles, keep em all in caps" lol..so yeah

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Try to add in the menu CSS this:


I don't know WP, but wp_nav_menu() doesn't return anything so you cannot do a strtoupper() on it. You CAN change the WP function to add the strtoupper() function, but why not do it simply by using CSS?

text-transform: uppercase;

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