I used SWIG to wrap my c++ class. Some methods have a const std::string& as a parameter. SWIG creates a type called SWIGTYPE_p_std__string however you cannot just pass a normal string for this when invoking the method in c#. The below example is just a modified example that comes with the SWIG package.:

public void setName(SWIGTYPE_p_std__string name) 
    examplePINVOKE.Shape_setName(swigCPtr, SWIGTYPE_p_std__string.getCPtr(name));
    if (examplePINVOKE.SWIGPendingException.Pending) throw examplePINVOKE.SWIGPendingException.Retrieve();

In my interface file I just have:

/* File : example.i */
%module example

#include "example.h"

/* Let's just grab the original header file here */
%include "example.h"

And the method that is being wrapped in C++ is:

void Shape::setName(const std::string& name)
    mName = name;

Is there some sort of typemap I have to put in the interface file? If so, how do I do that?


I was trying to solve this myself when I found your question.

You need to include

%include "std_string.i" 

in your .i file. See:

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