Does anyone know, if it is possible to prepopulate new Confluence Spaces with specific Pages? What I want to have when creating a new Space is the following default structure:

|_ Category A
|_ Category B
|_ Category C
|_ Category D

I read the documentation about Global Templates and Space Templates, but it seems, that it is just possible to edit the default content of the Home Page.


Another way is to use the Copy Space Plugin - We've created a space as a blueprint for our projects https://plugins.atlassian.com/plugin/details/212

  • This plugin is no longer supported and only works with Confluence versions up to 5.9.14. – Ben Rhys-Lewis Jan 11 '17 at 8:45

I am creating my spaces along with a skeleton of default pages using an excellent CLI plugin (written by Bob Swift):



As the Copy Space Plugin is no longer supported the best alternative I could find was the Copy Space Tree plugin by Artemis Software: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/com.nurago.confluence.plugins.treecopy/cloud/overview

It does also allow you to copy across attachments and copy trees within a space to itself while keeping the names unique although I have not personally found any use for this feature yet.

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