Assume there are several computers, distributed in the same network. I install a program on all of them, and so there is a cluster. and I can log in it, run my application(like web server , db server, and so on). I don't need to configure the IPs, don't need to balance the loading.

Is there any software like this now?

edit: OK, I want to build a cluster that can provide an enterprise web server(also db server store data), we have lots of PC, they are only running a small program now(for shop floor work-flow control). I want to use the additional CPU and Disk resource to build a service.


What purpose are you planning to serve with your cluster? That will determine the tool you want to use.

That being said, you will have to do some configuration- like IPs, Authentication Mechanism, et cetra. If you don not tell it what you want, how will it know?


In general, if the application is not designed to be clustered, you will have more pain than advantages.

Is current load too high for current single box hardware?

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