Now days I am getting a problem in attaching JAR files in Blackberry..... I am using Eclipse 3.5 and I am using Facebook Jar SDK , in my Application.

I am doing the following things for attach the Jar in my Application

  1. Copy the Jar in my Application Resources
  2. Right Click on MyProject "Properties" , then a window appear I select "Java Buid Path" and select "Libraries" and select "Add JAR" option ...and last I give the path of Jar wher I put it.
  3. And Go to "Order and Export" and select the Added Jar (Check Mark ), then press Ok

Application compiles fine , but when I click on Application Icon it gives me Message Verification code error in particular Module

Why this Error come .. please explain me Thanks


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The step you are missing is called "preverifying" the jar file.

There is a very good answer on how to run preverify.exe at this link: Blackberry 5.0 - Add reference to a Java Library Project.

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