Apparently, the title takes the value of ImageUrl

In my DynamicNodeProviderBase class configure both the Title and the ImageUrl


const string keyFormated = "Subsidiary_{0}";

// Create a node for each subsidiary
foreach (var subsidiary in listDB.ToList())
    var node = new DynamicNode
                       Title = subsidiary.District,
                       Description = subsidiary.Title,
                       ImageUrl = Path.Combine(string.Format(Constants.RelativePathSubsidiary, subsidiary.ID.ToString().ToLower())),
                       Key = string.Format(keyFormated, subsidiary.District)
    node.RouteValues.Add("id", subsidiary.ID);
    node.Attributes.Add("LargeIconFileName", subsidiary.LargeIconFileName);
    node.Attributes.Add("MediumIconFileName", subsidiary.MediumIconFileName);
    node.Attributes.Add("SmallIconFileName", subsidiary.SmallIconFileName);

// Return 
return returnValue;


In my view, call the helper to generate the menu of my page. This menu is customized by a DisplayTemplates

@Html.MvcSiteMap().Menu("sitemap-menu", true, true, false)


Basically have a DisplayTemplates for the MenuHelperModel and one for the SiteMapNodeModel. As MenuHelperModel is pretty simple (just call the helper @DisplayFor passing my custom template) will not put his code here.

The following code SiteMapNodeModel

@model SiteMapNodeModel

    object upper;
    string title = Model.Title;
    var imgUrl = Path.Combine(Model.ImageUrl, "Icons");
    string iconFilename;
    if (ViewData.TryGetValue("upper", out upper))
        title = title.ToUpperInvariant();

    if (Model.MetaAttributes.TryGetValue("SmallIconFileName", out iconFilename)
        || Model.MetaAttributes.TryGetValue("MediumIconFileName", out iconFilename)
        || Model.MetaAttributes.TryGetValue("LargeIconFileName", out iconFilename))
        imgUrl = Path.Combine(imgUrl, iconFilename);

@if (Model.IsCurrentNode && Model.SourceMetadata["HtmlHelper"].ToString() != "MvcSiteMapProvider.Web.Html.MenuHelper")
else if (Model.IsClickable && Model.ImageUrl != null)
    <a href="@Model.Url" title="@Model.Title">
        <img src="@Url.Content(imgUrl)" alt="@Model.Title"/>

But the values ​​are incorrect (or are exchanged). See a picture of the debug:


Debug mode
See full image here

NOTE: The description in red is wrong: The correct is: The Title value should be in ImageUrl property!


Why the value of the ImageUrl property is Title and why TItle is empty?


This has been fixed in version 3.2.2. It was an error during the cloning process, which incorrectly mapped the ImageUrl to Title.

  • When I use ImageUrl property directly to the Mvc.sitemap Does not work! ImageUrl appears empty! <mvcSiteMapNode title="Soluções" resourceKey="Solucoes" action="Index" controller="Solucoes" imageUrl="~/Images/solucoes.png"> – ridermansb May 30 '12 at 12:53
  • Sorry, it worked! – ridermansb May 30 '12 at 13:02

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