i'm having a problem using the scrolltofixed jquery plugin


i use:

$('#tostick').scrollToFixed({  limit: $('#app-footer').offset().top - $('#tostick').height() - 20});  

my #tostick is inside a

 margin:0 auto

div container and as soon it hits the fixed footer and the script switches from fixed to absolute positioning it jumps out of the container because

left: 1107px

is applied, which is the distance to the left border of the browser window, instead of the left border of the centered div container. it tried to add:

offsetLeft: -$('#container').offset().left

which is completely ignored. thanks in advance for any tip!

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You need to give more info we don't know what #tostick is. Obviously we need the whole JS, and related html and css. Have you tried moving the entire container div it its only purpose is to have a style of margin:0 auto? Also you can do:

 $('#tostick').bind('unfixed', function() { $(this).css('left', ''); });//or what it needs to look right
   $('#tostick').bind('fixed', function() { $(this).css('left', '1107px'); });//switch back to what it was
  • 1
    tnx. this worked for me, I changed some classes learning how to bing something to this event was all I needed, thank you
    – user388690
    Feb 15, 2012 at 2:31
  • also, without .bind() $('#tostick').scrollToFixed({ unfixed: function() { $(this).css('left', ''); }, fixed: function() { $(this).css('left', '1170px'); } });
    – pxwise
    Mar 12, 2015 at 21:31

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