It is a basic problem, the more accurate your help. I'm starting in programming Java / Android now.


  • I have an EditText (id = etnumx for the user enters the measure numx.)
  • How to use a repetition structure so that as the value for numx > numy he ask the User to re-enter, highlighting the EditText (id = etnumx).

Thank you!


In you question, you don't mention when the "numY" value is prone to change, so I'll just ignore that. But perhaps you could get an AsynTask to take care of this task in the background of your application.

Here's something that could get you started :

if (numx > numy) {
    EditText mNumXEdit = (EditText) findViewById("etnumx");
    mNumXEdit.RequestFocus(); // focus the View

    // sends Toast notification to user in order to alert him he needs to take action
        "[ENTER MESSAGE]", 

You can register to the edittext textchanged event and write your validation code there. if you find an error then call editText.focus()

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