I can't get this to work. Dropping the JavaScript directly onto the onclick event works fine, but it doesn't this way.


function checkid(objDivID) {
    if(this.id == 'id1') {
        alert('ID is Checked') 


<tr id='id". $row['id'] ."' class='rrtr' onclick=\"checkid(this.id);\">
    <td class='name'>". $row['name'] ."</td>
    <td class='data'>". $row['TotalResp'] ."</td>
    <td class='data'>". $row['StaffCount'] ."</td>
    <td class='data'><b>". number_format($row['Perc'],0) ."</b></td>

Thanks, H.

  • What is the problem? The function never fires? – Jivings Feb 6 '12 at 13:56
  • 1
    Solved - I was using this.id instead of objDivID in the Java statement. – Homer_J Feb 6 '12 at 14:12

You're passing the function this.id, but then in the function you try to reference that again. It won't work. Use the parameter name instead.

function checkid(objDivID){
    if(objDivID == 'id1'){alert('ID is Checked')};

Also the backslashes quoting the double-quotes in the HTML are probably not really there, right? You're printing that HTML as a string I presume.


You can solve it by several ways, one is calling function specifying this:

<tr id='id". $row['id'] ."' class='rrtr' onclick=\"checkid.call(this, this.id);\">

Or just use passed id:

function checkid(objDivID){
    if(objDivID == 'id1'){alert('ID is Checked')};

That's because you are using this in the wrong scope. Change the line

if(this.id == 'id1'){alert('ID is Checked')};


if(objDivID == 'id1'){alert('ID is Checked')};

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