I'm using a custom NuGet feed for deploying own NuGet packages. I'm using semver so my CI server is generating a deploying new prerelease packages on every build. Those prerelease packages are obviously not visible by default in Package Manager.

Is there a way to specify on package / feed / global level that prerelease packages should appear under Updates tab in Package Manager?

If I install a prerelease package by for example editing packages.config file my package is clearly marked in Package Manager with red 'Prerelease' label, so the manager understands versioning properly.


I've found out that it is possible to update specific package to a prerelease version using Powershell console. Update-Package command takes an -IncludePrerelease flag, and it is possible to update dependencies for all projects using a single command:

Update-Package <Package-Id> -IncludePrerelease

The above command will update to the latest prerelease version. If you want to update to a certain version you can specify it as below:

Update-Package <Package-Id> -IncludePrerelease -Version <version-number>


NuGet 1.7 shows prerelease packages in the Manage NuGet packages dialog.

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