I want to change the words 'bike', 'shed' and 'bike shed' on my 'Your search yielded no results' Drupal page. Is there anyway I can do this without editing the Drupal core? If I do have to edit the Drupal core, what file would I edit?

Any help on this appreciated.


If you are just wanting to replace text with other static text, take a look at the String Overrides Module. From the project page:

Provides a quick and easy way to replace any text on the site.


  • Easily replace anything that's passed through t()
  • Locale support, allowing you to override strings in any language
  • Ability to import/export *.po files, for easy migration from the Locale module
  • Note that this is not a replacement to Locale as having thousands of overrides can cause more pain then benefit. Use this only if you need a few easy text changes.

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