We are using Maven 3.0.3. We have deployed a JAR file to an internal repository at


I have then included this dependency ...


Also, in my ~/.m2/settings.xml file, I have our internal repository ...

                <name>myco Internal Repository</name>

Despite all this, when I run my pom, I get the error

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project myco-productplus-web: Could not resolve dependencies for project myco-productplus:myco-productplus-web:war:1.0-SNAPSHOT:The following artifacts could not be resolved: org.openqa.selenium.server:selenium-server:jar:0.9.2, org.openqa.selenium.server:selenium-server-coreless:jar:0.9.2: Could not find artifact org.openqa.selenium.server:selenium-server:jar:0.9.2 in mycoInternalRelease (http://maven/maven_repo/repositories/release) -> [Help 1]

How can I heal the pain? Thanks, - Dave


Given your artifact is named "selenium-server-0.9.2-standalone.jar" you might need to add <classifier>standalone</classifier> to your dependency declaration in your pom.

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