if so how?


To select by a primary key you should use one of:

  • DataTable.Rows.Find(Object) in case your PK is one column
  • DataTable.Rows.Find(Object[]) in case you have more then 1 column as a primary key

In case of a typed DataSet, the method MyDataTable.Rows.Find(...) will be generated for you with the proper signature. Basically it is a method on DataRowCollection class


'Contains' does not seem to be a member of the DataRow class (maybe this is a typed data set?)

In any case, you can always use (DataTable.Select(....).Length > 0) as a substitute


I assume you're referring to the DataRowCollection.Contains method ? There is an overload that takes an array of objects, you should use this one

  • I tried that, but it tells me "Expecting 2 value(s) for the key being indexed, but received 1 value(s)." – Slim May 28 '09 at 19:14
  • Did you try that ? table.Contains(new object[] { valueOfFirstKey, valueOfSecondKey }) – Thomas Levesque May 28 '09 at 23:38

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