I am new in PostgreSql. I import the database on my linux machine. I am able to see the list of tables using \d command (GSM_test_db-# \d default_msg_details) its displaying the table list but I want to see the table data.

Any Command that shows table Data also Please tell me.

I already used select query GSM_test_db-# SELECT * FROM default_msg_details but its not displaying anything and its not giving any error.

Please tell me if any command or why this select its not displaying anything.


Because you need to terminate your statement with a ;

  • On adding ";", it gives following error message: ERROR: syntax error at or near ";" LINE 1: SELECT * FROM default_table; – tryingToLearn Oct 17 '14 at 6:33
  • I found the answer here. In addition to adding a semicolon, we need to turn off pagination : stackoverflow.com/questions/11180179/… – tryingToLearn Oct 17 '14 at 6:46

Try SELECT * FROM "default_msg_details";

Beside adding ";" at the end of your query, you also need add the quotes("") to your tabel's name as well.

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