I have added a new GIT repo (private github repo) to Eclipse EGit repo explorer. In the working directory, our team has many projects - some python, some C++, some PHP - they are in different sub-directories. I choose a dir with python project and from the context menu I select "Import" then complete the steps with "New Project Wizard". I choose new "PyDev" project and end up with new project that is empty - only Eclipse files like the .project inside.

I want to create a new python project with the contents of ~/git/repo - I don't want external other copy of the tree.


You could follow this tutorial, and share your project.

Create Egit repo

That would create a local Git repo, to which you can add your private GitHub repo as a remote.
See also "Pushing a Local Repository to GitHub ".

Select your new Eclipse project and click "Team" > "Push To" and enter "Your GitHub Clone URL" and your GitHub password (with the free GitHub accounts, do not enter a password but leave blank), leave the user as "git"

push to GitHub repo

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    Thank you VonC! Creating a project in the ~/git/repo-dir/project-sub-dir then Team -> Share Project -> git did it for me. – ddinchev Feb 8 '12 at 11:59

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