I tried to populate google chart datatable in server side using PHP.I got JSON file properply, but the Chart not display in client Application. I got error-Data column(s) for axis #0 cannot be of type string . My coding is below here.

After fetching data from database,



    echo json_encode($table);

My Output Json:


How to solve this issue?

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To extend on @sajal's accurate answer: Change the last line of your code from:

echo json_encode($table);


echo json_encode($table, JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK);

This will tell json_encode to recognize numbers and abstain from wrapping them in quotes (Available since PHP 5.3.3.). http://php.net/manual/en/json.constants.php#constant.json-numeric-check

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  • Let me explain the answer so that people can take help of it, if there is no JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK, the data passed from controller to the view seems like: ["23", "362"] 4: (2) ["24", "413"] 5: (2) ["25", "398"] 6: (2) ["26", "516"] and when the check it performed it becomes like this : 21, 119] 2: (2) [22, 4] 3: (2) [23, 362] 4: (2) [24, 413] 5: (2) [25, 398], so it means that it converts the arrays of strings into the arrays of numbers. Commented Jun 5, 2021 at 17:42

You specify type of userid as number... but pass string.. thats causing the problem.

I just wasted 30 mins with the opposite problem ...

Your output json should look like :-


On a BarChart, one of the columns (the second one) has to be a number. That can cause this error message.


In your drawChart() function, you are probably using google.visualization.arrayToDataTable, and this does not allow any nulls. Please use addColumn function explicitly


If the Data format should be like:

data: [
    ["string", "string"], //first Column
    ["string1", number],
    ["string2", number],
    ["string3", number],

then you can overcome this error.


when you are passing your data from controller you need to do like so: just take an example I have controller and I am sending data through it via group by.

controller: \DB::statement("SET SQL_MODE=''");//this is the trick use it just before your query

$Rspatients = DB::table('reports')
    DB::raw("day(created_at) as day"),
    DB::raw("Count(*) as total_patients"))


$result_patients[] = ['day','Patients'];
foreach ($Rspatients as $key => $value) {
$result_patients[++$key] = [$value->day,$value->total_patients];

    return view('Dashboard.index')

if there is no JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK, so the data will be array of strings while if there is json check the data will be converted to array of numbers.

before JSON check data:

4: (2) ["24", "413"]
5: (2) ["25", "398"]

After JSON Check data:

4: (2) [24, 413]
5: (2) [25, 398]

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