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I have a module on my page that loads some third party information. When that module loads I call a "s.tl()" call. Unfortunetly, if I have clicked previuosly on a link or somesuch in the site then the s.events has a value in it.

So, when the module loads... that 's.events' value gets sticky and then is passed when I call s.tl() when the module is loaded. Thus, dbl counted clicks and such. I NEED for that s.events to be empty when that module loads and I call the s.tl(). how?

I tried just normal js assignments. ala s.events = "", I tried clearVars() plugin method, no go.. nothing seems to work.

Any help?

  • One question to make things more clear. Do you clean the s.events directly after a request or before the module request? Could you send a small fragment of implemented code? – Stefan Leever Feb 11 '12 at 9:11
  • To solve this issue elegantly, override s.t(). See my answer here: stackoverflow.com/questions/28048759/… – JD Smith Oct 26 '17 at 17:22

You can try s.events.length = 0; to reset it back to empty.


Normally clearing the variables out is not necessary, as you define the proper variables you wish to track before submitting a link tracking image request. All variables are reset after each page load.

If you want to clear the events variable out, you can simply use:


Either that or define the events variable with different events prior to calling your next image request.

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    The s.tl() function is often used without re-loading the page. So often the s.events string may not be empty. – Alberto De Caro Feb 10 '14 at 16:43

It sounds like you might need to wrap your s.tl() call in a function. Here's an example of how I've implemented my s.tl() calls. Hopefully this helps you. :)

function trackOmniEvent(eventString, eventLabel) {
    /* uses global namespace s */
    // set vars
    // run tracker
    // reset vars

You should always set s.linkTrackEvents and s.linkTrackVars whenever you make an s.tl() call. So in your case you will be doing something like this:

s.linkTrackVars = "prop25,eVar25";
s.linkTrackEvents = "none";
s.prop25 = 'someValue';
s.eVar25 = 'someValue';
s.tl(true, 'o', 'linkName');

This will reset any predefined events when making s.tl() calls.

Example when you have an event:

s.linkTrackVars = "prop25,eVar25,events";
s.linkTrackEvents = "event25";
s.prop25 = 'someValue';
s.eVar25 = 'someValue';
s.event25 = 'someEventValue';
s.tl(true, 'o', 'linkName');

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