I am trying to put ads in an AIR for Android app. I am hosting the add in an html on my website (which is hosted by godaddy, but I have total control), then loading that html in a StageWebView object (the AIR equivalent of an iframe, kind of) which is in the app.
This works!
The ad displays beautifully on the phone, but I get this popup each time the app is run:
The server that the application is connecting to is unverified.
Server: http://www.mywebsite.com/ad.html
Issue To:
Common Name: www.google.com
Organizational unit:
Issued By: Thawte Consulting (Pty) Ltd. [Pretty sure this company owns/is a partner of godaddy]
Organizational unit:

Trust this server and make the connection?
[button 1.]Trust for Session. [button 2.]Cancel

Strangely, the ad is already loaded when this popup appears. If I press cancel, the app does not break (and the ad is clickable!), but the same popup will appear if the app tries to grab a new ad by reloading the ad.html page. Again, the popup appears seemingly AFTER the new ad has loaded!
This happens if I try to load some other pages, like http://www.questionablecontent.net, but not if I load http://www.stackoverflow.com or a https page like google.
I cannot tell if it is AIR creating the popup or android, but I'm pretty sure it's Android.

My android manifest has only two permissions, INTERNET and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE.
I have an HTC Incredible 2 on verizon.

I'm open to ANY fix that jsut gets this popup gone!

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You are having an issue with a CA certificate. Probably the CA that verifies your domain is not installed, or at least not visible to Adobe AIR. I don't know if it will work on Android, but here is a description of how to install the certificate on AIR for OpenSuSE: http://rachaelandtom.info/content/remove-unverified-server-pop-air

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