i'm creating a django application inside a virtualenv. I have a directory structure like below:


Currently, i'm using absolute imports everywhere, so for example if I wanted to load lib/utils.py from polls, i'd use 'from proj.lib import utils'.

This is a bit of a pain though because it seems I need to create a symlink in my site-packages directory to 'proj' so that it can resolve where proj points to. How can I make is so I don't need to create this symlink?

I was going to convert everything to use relative imports, but for some reason PEP008 discourages them. Why is that, and how can I get avoid having to create a symlink?



You don't need to create a symlink. Django will do all to work for you in manage.py.

  • thanks. it seems that in my settings file i had 'from proj import local_settings' and it didn't like it. Just using 'import local_settings' works. – user1199438 Feb 9 '12 at 11:16

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