I'm using ctrl+q very often to get to the last edit location. However, in the Aptana editor, I get a content menu where I have to choose between "Reformat comment" and "Last edit location".

This drives me nuts, I just want to jump to the last edit location

I can't find the "Reformat comment" binding in the list of shortcuts so I could delete it (or bind to another shortcut), there is only "Last edit location".

Thanks for any ideas


I did it, I did it!

In the file: {Aptana standalone location}\configuration\org.eclipse.osgi\bundles\88\1.cp\bundles\source.ruble\commands\reformat_comment.rb

Change key binding to something like:

  cmd.key_binding = 'CONTROL+Q,Q,Q'

Restart IDE.

Disabling this command in "Customize workspace" didn't help.

  • Brilliant! Thank you. In Aptana Studio 3 the file location is %AptanaStudio3%\configuration\org.eclipse.osgi\bundles\373\1\.cp\bundles\source.ruble\commands\reformat_comment.rb – igor Sep 18 '12 at 14:14
  • It looks like the location of that file is changing with every update as well as changes to that file are lost. – igor Dec 18 '13 at 17:49

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