I want to write a Makefile that reads a file list.txt and produces result.tar containing the contents. If there is a change in either the list.txt file, or any of the files it points at, then result.tar should be rebuilt. How can I express this in a Makefile? The closest I have come is:

result.tar : list.txt
   cat list.txt | xargs tar -cf result.tar

But this omits the dependency on the contents of list.txt.


I think there should be something like this:

result.tar : list.txt $(shell cat list.txt)
   cat list.txt | xargs tar -cf result.tar

Or, a bit better (extracting list.txt to a variable and using automatic variables):

LIST_FILE := list.txt
result.tar : $(LIST_FILE) $(shell cat $(LIST_FILE))
   cat $< | xargs tar -cf $@
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    This will break if xargs invokes tar more than once. Each invocation overwrites the tar file. Just remove the xargs to make it work correctly. – Matthew Hannigan Feb 14 '12 at 1:55

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