I made a keystore a while ago for my Android apps but I can't remember how long I set the validity for.

Is there a way to find out how long the keystore is good for?


When you export a signed APK file from the ADT in Eclipse (assuming you are working in Eclipse), the Export Android Application dialog shows the keystore expiry date;

Export Android Application showing the expiry date of keystore


You can use the keytool from the jdk to get certificate info. A command like this should work

keytool -list -v -keystore keystore.jks -alias mydomain


'keystore.jks' with your keystore name
'mydomain' with your alias name
  • Thanks so much! Gives information of when the key was generated and the estimated expiration date (year if above a year in length) – Danoli3 Sep 24 '14 at 0:51
  • 3
    Omit the -alias parameter to list them all. – dbernard Mar 26 '15 at 15:27

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