I'm fairly new to linux and svn. I'm trying to checkout the trunk folder of a project into my public_html directory using this command (while in public_html):

svn checkout file:///home/landonwinters/svn/waterproject/trunk

The waterproject directory contains the files from untarring a base install of drupal.

It checks out fine, except all the files are in public_html/trunk instead of just being in public_html.

I don't know the command to move all the contents of trunk up to public_html and rm trunk, but I think I could figure that out relatively easily. I just want to know if I can just check out the contents of a folder, without the folder itself.

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Just add a . to it:

svn checkout file:///home/landonwinters/svn/waterproject/trunk .

That means: check out to current directory.

svn co svn://path destination

To specify current directory, use a "." for your destination directory:

svn checkout file:///home/landonwinters/svn/waterproject/trunk .

Just add the directory on the command line:

svn checkout svn:// target-directory/

Provide the directory on the command line:

svn checkout file:///home/landonwinters/svn/waterproject/trunk public_html
  • If you specify an existing directory it will create a new folder with the name of the root checkout directory there, while if you specify a non-existant folder, it will use that instead.
    – Casebash
    Feb 26, 2010 at 3:27
  • You can avoid overriding files by renaming an existing directory, checking out and renaming it back again.
    – Casebash
    Feb 26, 2010 at 3:28

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