A user's first visit to my app's home page via a visit to

http://[My domain]

results in a URL of the form

http://[My domain]/main/PageHome;jsessionid=v_qqIGVQlKBbkNSOcHkAQw?0

That's fine, but each link on my home page has the URL of the form

http://[My domain]/main/..;jsessionid=v_qqIGVQlKBbkNSOcHkAQw?0-1.ILinkListener-lnkAbout

(of length 102 characters for the particular "About us" link URL copied here). These URLs are invalid, because of the two dots present instead of PageHome to complete the path properly.

Is there any way I can configure GAE/J to suppress this URL abbreviation, or is this operation the province of the web framework?

As a (pretty poor) work-around, I have already coded the supression of JSessionIDs in my links' URLs, and am coding the app to give a warning if session cookies are disabled. But I would appreciate any pointers.

Ian Marshall

My operating environment

Web application server: GAE/J (not dev server) (I know: it's not the latest version)
Web framework: Apache Wicket 1.5.3
Web browsers producing the above effect:
· Mozilla Firefox 10.0.1
· Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702
· as found on my HTC Wildfire S running Google Android 2.3.5


I've had the same issue. Fixed it by overriding newWebRequest in my application class with this:

protected WebRequest newWebRequest(HttpServletRequest servletRequest,
        String filterPath) {
    WebRequest webRequest = super.newWebRequest(servletRequest, filterPath);
    return new ServletWebRequest(servletRequest, filterPath, webRequest.getUrl().canonical());

Ian, some sample code to recreate the problem would be helpful..

  • In my opinion, no special sample code is needed. The simple action of visiting a Wicket WebPage running in GAE/J yields the above URLs for me (for the versions of the frameworks and environment I listed). Any existing Wicket web application (with my framework and environment versions) which shows a page descended from WebPage should show what I now get. – Ian Marshall Feb 21 '12 at 10:47

I fixed the problem by going around it.

All my web pages are descended from my PageBase class, which in turn descends from Wicket's WebPage.

· I disable my automatic removal of JSessionID by ceasing to override in my WebApplication

  public String ServletWebResponse.encodeURL(CharSequence url)

· In my PageBase constructor, I determine whether (session) cookies are detected as being stored or not.

· If not, then I raise an

  org.apache.wicket.RestartResponseException(final Class<C> pageClass)

to show my PageCookiesDisabled. This interrupts a "Not found" error from an invalid URL containing ".." characters, which I encountered previously.

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