I have my (native C++) DLL project and a corresponding test EXE project based on Google Test. While debugging my DLL via this EXE I have exceptions automatically handled by Google Test. So if my DLL throws an unhandled exception during debug, I expect to see error message from Visual Studio with debug session paused after the code caused exception. Instead, I have breakpoint triggered in gtest.cc. And if I disable --gtest_break_on_failure flag I will receive no breaks at all.

I found no such option in Google Test documentation. Have I missed it? I don't want to check "break when thrown" flag for different exceptions in Debug settings, because I'm only interested in unhandled ones.


The answer is in the Advanced page section called "Disabling Catching Test-Thrown Exceptions". What you have to do is invoke your binary with --gtest_catch_exceptions=0.


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