Using classic ASP I want to clear a form that auto populates with session variables upon loading.

I need to clear all of the session variables using a button.

I was using js to clear the text boxes but the session still exists.

I then tried a html reset button, but that didn't clear the session either.

So know I am trying to find a way to clear the ASP session variables using classic ASP.

Does anybody have any ideas?

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    I created a page with session.abandon and had the submit button call it and redirect back to the current page. Works. – Primetime Feb 15 '12 at 19:40

A form reset() clears the form data on the client. This has nothing to do with the server session.

<% Session.Abandon %> clears the session on the server.


different ways depending on what you want to accomplish:

session("var") = "" will blank the value.

Session.Contents.Remove("var") will remove the variable

Session.Contents.RemoveAll() will remove all variables

or if you just want to start a new ASP session altogether you can do session.abandon

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