(I'm pursuing Inno Setup scripting, but my understanding is that the [Code] section uses Pascal syntax, or a close approximation. I know zero about Pascal or its standard conventions, so apologies in advance for my ignorance.)

When defining a function/procedure's local variable, syntax for defining its initial value isn't such an issue...

procedure MyProcedure();
    aFlag: Boolean;
    aFlag := true;

But I'm hard-pressed to figure out how the initial values for global variables are handled. For example, if I want a global Boolean variable to start out as true instead of false (the default), how would I go about accomplishing that?



Define them inside the code block outside of a procedure:

  wibble: boolean;
  wobble: string;

and you can set their initial values in the initialize event;

procedure InitializeWizard(); 
    wibble := true;
    wobble := "hello";

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