I'm writing a PyroCMS module which involves image upload and thumbnail generation. I'm aware codeigniter has a built in image manipulation class that's capable of making thumbnails, but I'm a big for of phpThumb'ss adaptive resize function. For this reason I'd like to try and get phpThumb working.

I've placed the phpThumb files in ./addons/shared_addons/modules/mymodule/libraries

and I'm trying to load using the following:


I'm including the extension because an .inc.php file is not a .php file right? Either way if I keep the extension or not I get this error:

Class 'ThumbLib.inc.php' not found in .../htdocs/system/cms/libraries/MX/Loader.php on line 160

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks, Ed.


The loader naming conventions are probably stricter, so you may need to rename your file to something like 'Thumblib.php' and then declare your class as so class Thumblib {. You may also need to check the library doesn't conflict with anything as is suitable to use in CI.

Also, I think as long as you are loading the library from a controller in the same module folder tree as the library, the load line should be something like:


Or if not:


Good luck.

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    Yes, Pyro doesn't like the .inc.php stuff... $this->load->library('phpThumb/Thumblib'); with the filename being Thumblib.php and class name Thumblib should do the trick. – stormdrain Feb 16 '12 at 16:19

This is a CodeIgniter question, not a PyroCMS question.

Simple solution:

 include 'whatever/the/hell/you.like.php';

Remember guys it's just PHP. You don't need a special method for everything!

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