Year or so hence, I modified a project of mine to include subversion revision in installer file name. I installed MSBuild.Community.Tasks.Targets and modified csproj file so that it contained:

<Import Project="$(MSBuildExtensionsPath)\MSBuildCommunityTasks\MSBuild.Community.Tasks.Targets" />
<SvnVersion LocalPath="$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)" ToolPath="C:\cygwin\bin">
   <Output TaskParameter="Revision" PropertyName="Revision" />

This worked like a charm. However, after upgrade to cygwin 1.7, following error started to occur when running build process:

C:\cygwin\bin\svnversion.exe --no-newline "Z:/cygdrive/z/dev/myproject/src/winservice"

'/cygdrive/z/dev/myproject/src/winservice/Z:/cygdrive/z/dev/myproject/src/winservice' doesn't exist

Z:\dev\swiftarhiv\src\myproject\myprojectservice.csproj(200,5): error MSB6006 : "svnversion.exe" exited with code 1. Done Building Project

"Z:\dev\swiftarhiv\src\myprojects\myprojectservice.cspro j" (Rebuild target(s)) -- FAILED.

I tried modifying LocalPath parameter of SvnInfo task to "." or "/cygdrive/z/dev/myproject/src/winservice", but SvnInfo task has a nasty habit of using windows full path no matter what you put in so "." resolved to the path used before and "/cygdrive/z/dev/myproject/src/winservice" resolved to "Z:/cygdrive/z/dev/myproject/src/winservice" which caused an error again.

Is there a setting I can set in Cygwin 1.7 that will make my problems scarce?


If you want to be able to deliberately use a particular path format, you could use the cygpath utility.

$ echo $PWD

$ cygpath -ua .

$ cygpath -wa .

Without knowing the particulars of the Subversion build process, would it be possible for you to set the LocalPath by passing that MSBuildProjectDirectory object through it?

  • The problem is that I don't want to tie my build process to Cygwin. Currently, the only thing connecting build process with Cygwin is location of bin directory (set in ToolPath parameter). So, if I download some other subversion client and change that directory, I don't have to change ought else. However, if I use cygpath, I add one more thing to be aware of and which will most certainly be forgotten. – Vladimir Kocjancic Feb 16 '12 at 20:40
  • Also, calling cygwin won't help. If I set LocalPath="/cygdrive/z/dev/myproject/src/winservice", Svninfo community task, will automatically append drive letter (in my case Z:) in front of it. this of course will result in same error. – Vladimir Kocjancic Feb 16 '12 at 20:42

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