Is there a way in Xcode to show all errors, regardless of #. I am missing something in my code that is now causing 50+ errors, but not all errors show up. The multiple errors are likely being caused by a syntax error on a page, but because not all errors are showing I have no idea which one likely failed.


Xcode stops after some errors by default.

You need to select option "Continue building after errors" option under Xcode >> Preferences >> General



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    This makes no difference in Xcode 10. It still stops short of showing all errors. – David James Sep 25 '18 at 14:02

Go to the error highest up in the file. That's usually where syntax errors start and then snowball. It will be slightly before that error.


I was missing my @end in my .h file. And it was closer to the top of the list of errors as Tim mentioned.

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