I'm having troubles with a jquery mobile webpage made with asp.net. The postbacks on pages that are not the first page visited does not work, since they are loaded with ajax - and the "action" of the form tag is not updated.

I have set data-ajax="false" on the form tag.

I update the "action" attribute on the form with JS, but that is not accepted by asp.net in postbacks: "Validation of viewstate MAC failed". A made a workaround on this error by setting this in web.config: pages enableViewStateMac="false" enableEventValidation="false" Now I can postback to correct page with no errors.

BUT, the page I'm postbacking on does not catch the postback. I see that the form data is submitted, but the method in code behind is not triggered. Works fine if the page is not ajax-loaded.


try looking at jQuerys .live() function. http://api.jquery.com/live/


Try to place your form tags (open and close) just before and just after the content div... then you can use data-ajax=true and have the fancy animations...

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