I am working with python plugins for qgis.I developed my plugin and incooperated into QGIS locally. My plugin name is DlgAbout.py.It has label named logo ,used to place image in it.The code is

self.logo.setPixmap( QtGui.QPixmap( "icons/bannertile.PNG" ) )

When i run the same normally,it is shown properly enter image description here

But when i incooperate the same into QGIS,the logo is not shown.

enter image description here

My file DlgAbout.py path is C:\rt_sql_layer_ui and icons are in C:\rt_sql_layer_ui\icons. What can be the problem??

I tried something like this:

self.logo.setPixmap( QtGui.QPixmap( ":/icons/bannertile.PNG" ) )

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The best thing to do is create a Qt resource file and then you can use the ":/icons/bannertile.PNG" syntax.

Use pyrcc4 to complie the .qrc file.

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