I'm attempting to set an array that is within a custom structure in Renderscript from Java.

Here is my struct:

typedef struct WorldState {
 float time;
 int galaxyRadius;
 float angle;
 int audioData[1024];
} WorldState_t;

Here is how I am attempting to set the array "audioData"

mScript.get_worldState().set_audioData(0, mAudioData, true);

This is the exception that is being thrown:

E/AndroidRuntime(8373): android.renderscript.RSIllegalArgumentException: Field packer sizelength 4096 does not match component size 4.

I only create a ScriptField_WorldState with size 1. From my understanding in the set_audioData method call, the first parameter needs to be 0 as there is only 1 WorldState element. I pass mAudioData which has a size of 1024.


I don't believe that the reflected Java layer currently supports direct array manipulation in this fashion. Since all memory allocations are managed by the Java side of Renderscript, I suggest changing

 int audioData[1024];


 rs_allocation audioData;


 int32_t *audioData;

and working with audioData in the same way that you work with other allocations. More details on how this is done can be found here:

  • Hey, thanks for the response! Unfortunately you cannot have a pointer within a struct so that only leaves rs_allocation. I'm currently trying to implement a solution but am having trouble figuring out how to access the elements within the allocation. – Alejandro Huerta Feb 23 '12 at 7:08

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