I'm creating an email notification in a .text.haml document. How does one denote a blank line?

= @variable.name + " , you have a new update."
= "There has been new activity."

In the above example I would like the two lines that have just the HAML = on them to be blank lines but just having the = signs causes an error. What should I be doing?


Blank lines in a .haml.text document can be created by placing a \ on a line by itself. An example in the form of an email:

Dear #{@user.name},
Use a backslash for blank lines in haml text templates.

However, HAML is designed for creating HTML documents, not plaintext ones. You really would be better off using erb or something else for this.

  • How can I do this within a block? e.g. User.each do |user| ? It doesn't seem to work with leading white spaces – yas4891 Sep 26 '14 at 5:53
  • 1
    HAML really isn't designed for creating plaintext documents. My best advice here would be not to use HAML. – Jon Sep 26 '14 at 8:16

Here's how it would look like (check the whitespace in the two lines):

== #{@variable.name} , you have a new update.

There has been new activity.

But HAML isn't really made for this kind of usage.


I believe you can do this:

= "... a new update.\n\n"

The \n means a new line. I don't have HAML before me to test it out.

If it's making HTML, you can also just add:


To make HTML new lines.

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