I am using timestamps and need to print the date in the format 03d 01h 10m. I could not do it using the date() formatting. How can I do it so that after the days I have a d, after the hours m, and after the minutes m?

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    What have you done so far? Post the code that you've tried. – Tim Feb 20 '12 at 13:36

Just escape the literal characters you want with a backslash:

date('\h\e\l\l\o'); // just echoes hello

If you escape a character that didn't need escaping, it doesn't matter - nothing bad worth noting happens.


Manual: Example #2 Escaping characters in date():

// prints something like: Wednesday the 15th
echo date('l \t\h\e jS');

Like this: echo date ("d\d. H\h. i\m.");


Try using the DateTime class' diff method. See the examples over on php.net.

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