What's the best way to render a chunk of HTML in an application? We have a rich text editor control (from Karamasoft) in a web page, and need to generate a PDF with records saved from the control (with custom page headers, page footers, and record headers) so I need to be able to render the html so it can be "drawn" onto the page to be saved as a pdf.... is there any staright forward simple way to do this?


HTML Renderer is a library of 100% managed code that draws beautifully formatted HTML.


Without using any libraries, you can use the Literal control that allows you to inject the HTML you wish to display to the user.


You may try PURE to render JSON data in HTML: http://beebole.com/pure/

Although this may be out of topic.

But then I'm interested on how do you convert the HTML in PDF.

What technical steps are involved?

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