While trying to install FreeTDS via Homebrew, I ran brew edit freetds. I edited the file. I'd like to restore the Recipe file (freetds.rb) to it's orinal state in case I introduced a typo into it.

Is there a way to reset a brew formula file?



Homebrew recipes are managed via Git, so you can just git checkout freetds.rb to wipe out your local changes.

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    Where is the .git repo (so I can cd to that directory and run the command)? – Tyler DeWitt Feb 20 '12 at 23:01
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    The repository covers everything in /usr/local. (There are some pretty big, broad exclusions defined in .gitignore, of course.) – duskwuff -inactive- Feb 20 '12 at 23:08

You need to reset your Cellar git repo.

cd `brew --cellar`
git reset --hard HEAD
brew upgrade <formula>

That should do it!

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    Alternately, if it's not the main brew but a tap, it'll be in /usr/local/Library/Taps/* – Kaolin Fire Nov 8 '13 at 7:31
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    In Homebrew 1.0.4 on macOS Sierra the first instruction is cd "$(brew --repo)" whereas the last instruction might not work for some formulas (e.g. aircrack-ng) but a very simple brew uninstall <formula> && brew install <formula> works like a charm. – AlessioX Oct 30 '16 at 15:38
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    In my case: cd $(brew --repo)/Library/Taps/homebrew/homebrew-core/ – ultraon Mar 16 '17 at 15:12

For Homebrew version 2.1.4 on macOS Mojave the following command will work from anywhere for homebrew-core formulas:

git -C $(brew --repo)/Library/Taps/homebrew/homebrew-core checkout Formula/$FORMULA_NAME.rb

Where $FORMULA_NAME is the name of the formula you have edited.

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You can reset all formulas with: brew update-reset

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