I saw this in a script I have to work with. What does setting "max_execution_time" to "-1" do?


It sets the maximum execution time for a script to 2**32-1 (or perhaps 2**64-1) seconds, which is a reasonable approximation of "forever". Note that the actual value to make a script run forever is 0.


According to the PHP manual, there is no specific designation.

My best guess would be that it would unset any limits, and allow it to run forever (a la setting it to 0).

From a few other sources, it would appear, though, that it would set it to the max timeout, since the value appears to be an unsigned int.


I'm not totally sure about it, but my guess is that is the max timeout, but for the setting of the server on which php it is running.

I have this value set and asked my provider to set the value to 300, the answer was that since I'm on a shared hosting the max value is set to 120 (even if it results to me -1).

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