I realise that there exist some posts such as this one which have asked the same question. However, the links on the suggested page do not work (it simply takes me back to the blog homepage).

I'm looking for a tutorial which does not have any assumed prior Rhino Mocks knowledge.

I need a step-by-step guide which explains the basics (stubs vs. mocks vs. expect.call), how the Record(), ReplayAll(), VerifyAll(), when/why you use Repeat.Any() etc., work.

I have a rough understanding after reading some of the documentation (which I found some articles to be useful, but most to be confusing at best), but I need some more examples with detailed explanations on how to use Rhino Mocks.


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I think the best links, which are both up to date, and starting from the basics are:

  1. Getting Started with Rhino Mocks (AAA)
  2. Using Rhino.Mocks - quick guide to generating mocks and stubs

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