Given an entity class with a compound key that is managed by hibernate is there a simple way to flatten the keys properties into the object itself?


    "key": {
        "field1": 1,
        "field2": 2
    "prop": "value"

I would prefer this to be serialized as:

    "field1": 1,
    "field2": 2,
    "prop": "value"

I really don't want to have to implement JsonSerializableWithType as it's fine at the moment, it's just that key class I want the fields flattened.


Jackson uses reflection, and you can manipulate getters/setters. You can add @JsonIgnore to getKey(), and add two methods

private int getField1()

private int getField2()

You may want to implement setField1() and setField2() as well.

  • Ah of course, why didn't I think of that. No need for setters as the objects are read only, besides, changing a PK is a bad idea. :) – Brett Ryan Feb 21 '12 at 8:15

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